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With more than 94 years experience, Nemag is your trusted partner for efficient and highly productive four rope grabs. Whether it is the handling of coal and iron ore or the loading and unloading of grain, animal feed, scrap metal, minerals or biomass; Nemag has an efficient and reliable solution.

The combined experience of Nemag and leading bulk handling terminals world wide, together with your own requirements results in a highly productive and reliable grab: tuned to fit your specific application and needs.

Dedication to the job, expertise and long term partnerships is why Nemag grabs have a strong reputation around the world.

Together, we will have a firm grip on your bulk handling operations.

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The Nemax grabber

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  • Sustainability
  • Transshipment
  • The bulk chain
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  • Turnaround time

The patented nemaX® grab for iron ore, >10% higher productivity than all comparable clamshell grabs, way stronger and the lowest maintenance cost ever.

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