Innovative dry bulk solution
After 9 years of profound research and development together with the Delft University of Technology. We managed to create a grab that will increase your productivity by at least 10%. It will also substantially lower your energy costs and carbon footprint, increase work safety and significantly decrease your maintenance costs.

We created this innovative grab as dry bulk terminal operators are always looking for ways to increase terminal efficiency. As they want to optimise profits for shareholders and to increase the competitive edge. ​The most cost-effective solution for this is to exchange your current grab for a more efficient one. As upgrading your crane configuration is very cost-intensive. With the high productivity increase the nemaX is a grab worth upgrading to. 

Download the NemaX Quick Guide for more information about applicability:

Download the NemaX Quick Guide

A new generation of four-rope grabs
The nemaX is about 15% lighter than any comparable clamshell grab on the market with a deadweight efficiency of only 25-28%. That means that you can grab more bulk material per cycle, increasing your productivity. The nemaX is also the fastest grab on the market; the optimised closing mechanism enables a 20% shorter closing time. The result is an increase in productivity of at least 10%, starting immediately from the very first grab cycle and continuing all the way down in the hatch. In addition to this improvement, there is an additional productivity gain from extended free digging and improved cleaning up.

Now available for:
Iron ore, Limestone, Pelletized Bauxite, Aggregates, Sands, Concentrates (like Zinc, Copper or lead), Blast furnace sand and Mineral sands (Rutile/zircon).


Download the whitepaper for more information.

‘We have the nemaX grab in operation and we can say that Nemag has succeeded in developing a kind of ideal grab: light, high volume, fast and easy to control & maintain.’


Compare your grab to calculate your productivity gain

Compare your existing iron ore grab to the nemaX​® grab and see by how much you can increase your productivity.

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Eigenschap Waarde
mechClass -
ProductivityRate 0
OpenClose 0
RC 0
Constante 0
WeightAdd 0
RopeWithdrawal 0
MyCraneCapacity 0
MyGrabWeight 0
MyPayload 0
MyGrabRopeWithdrawal 0
nemaXGrabWeight 0
nemaXGrabRopeWithdrawal 0
RopeWithDrawalAmplifier 0
NemaxPayload 0
MyProductivity 0
NemaxProductivity 0
ImprovedGrabWeight 0
ImprovedPayload 0
ImprovedWithdrawalLength 0
ImprovedProductivity 0


  • 15% Lighter grab = more bulk per cycle*
  • 20% Faster closing and opening = more cycles per hour*
  • 30% Larger footprint = faster cleaning up*


* Relative to comparable clamshell grabs

nemaX grab gallery

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Oh my grab!

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Compare the grab glossary

Crane capacityIs the Safe Working Load of your crane in tons in grab duty, i.e. the total sum of grab dead weight and payload.

PayloadIs the nett load of cargo in the grab. Because it’s linked with the grab weight it will be filled in automatically.

Grab weightIs the Dead weight of your existing grab. Not sure? Check your grab manual, CE declaration, or on the ID plate on your grab.

Grab rope withdrawal lengthIs the length of the closing rope which needs to be pulled out in order to close the grab (not to confuse with the total reeved in grab rope length).

Not sure about the numbers?Check the grab manual. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Sales manager

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