Nemag is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly productive grabs and innovative solutions.

We continuously strive to deliver quality and reliability in all our products, building on almost 100 years of hands-on experience and improvements.

"Quality is the end result of our joint effort"
Manuel Cattoir 

A reliable partner

The strong reputation of Nemag is the compounded result of almost a decade of experience. As a family business we take pride in thinking on the long run and be the partner you can rely on. Next to that, all divisions within the organisation are really aligned and approachable. This certainly impacts our shared passion for performance. We don’t just sell and manufacture high-end grabs, we are a lifelong partner with a passion for performance. Because, even after your purchase, you can rely on Nemag’s exceptional after-sales and customer service.


In addition to delivering a qualitative product that increases your productivity and reduces downtime and service needs, Nemag also offers a 100% service guarantee. Learn more about our service and maintenance.

Commitment to innovation

Spending time and effort on research and development, we developed multiple patented technological improvements together with our customers, research institutes and universities. An investment to be at the forefront of the industry, delivering the highest quality and lowest maintenance costs per ton transferred.

This effort didn’t go unnoticed: Nemag won a top 20 position of most innovative companies (MKB) in the Netherlands by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

3d printed nemag grab miniature


A result of this commitment to innovation is our newest grab which is developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Delft. Simulating the grab's mechanics and the particle dynamics of bulk materials helped to iterate on multiple productivity-boosting principles. The NemaX grab will increase your productivity by at least 10%. Various clients even reported a stunning 20% increase in productivity. Multiple use cases and letters of recommendation are available on request.

“It used to take up to 5 days to unload a ship. With the Nemag Clamshell and the NemaX side by side, we manage to unload the ships within four days! The savings in demurrage costs are considerable, to say the least.”
Paulo Sérgio Ribeiro Conceição - Specialized Port Operations Technician at VLI Pecem

Case study: VLI PECEM


  • A 100% service guarantee and almost 100 years of hands-on experience
  • Global network of resellers and specialised local representatives.
  • Your grab has 60+ registered inspection checks during the manufacturing process and Final Acceptance Test
  • Parts can be delivered during the entire lifetime of the grab.
  • ISO9001 certified quality management system
  • ISO3834-2 certified welding quality
  • Our products comply with EC-Machinery Directive (2006/42/EG), EN 12100-1, EN 12100-2, EN 13001-1, EN 13001-2 and EN 13001-3-1.

    All grabs include:
  • Inspection and test plan (ITP)
  • Databook with all required documents regarding quality
  • Extensive maintenance user manual: international standardised, datasheets and welding instructions included.

Enhancing safety, reducing damage

A safe working environment for your staff is highly important. Nemag grabs can be equipped with hand grips and rests, including special attachments for harnesses and safety belts. In addition, centralised greasing systems are available, which enable fast and safe greasing of the entire grab without dangerous climbing. In addition, the contours of the grabs are as flushed as possible to minimise the risk of entanglement with hatch coamings or damage to the grab’s surroundings.

Are you in need of a new grab? Let's increase your productivity and lower your maintenance costs.

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    Compare the grab glossary

    Crane capacityIs the Safe Working Load of your crane in tons in grab duty, i.e. the total sum of grab dead weight and payload.

    PayloadIs the nett load of cargo in the grab. Because it’s linked with the grab weight it will be filled in automatically.

    Grab weightIs the Dead weight of your existing grab. Not sure? Check your grab manual, CE declaration, or on the ID plate on your grab.

    Grab rope withdrawal lengthIs the length of the closing rope which needs to be pulled out in order to close the grab (not to confuse with the total reeved in grab rope length).

    Not sure about the numbers?Check the grab manual. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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