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Paulo Ribeiro, Spec. Port. Operations Technician at VLI Pecém:

“ We changed the whole concept of the harbour. And because we weren't just looking for a product but a complete solution, we did a lot of market research.

We understood that to achieve the highest productivity, we needed to look for a high-quality grab solution that enabled us to use the cranes at their full capacity.

With a poorly performing grab, the crane’s potential is lost.”

To reach that potential VLI Pecém did extensive market research. And they bought not one, but THREE grabs. Increasing their productivity with every purchase.

Download this case study to learn from their experience to:

  • Discover how VLI Pecém unloads a ship in four days instead of five
  • Learn how a higher productivity lead to massive cost savings with reduced demurrage costs and deployment of extra staffing.
  • Read how the NemaX grab brought more joy to Paulo Ribeiro’s team.

    Making the right decision on the best grab helps to bring your terminal to the next level.

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