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For many years now, Nemag is the preferred partner for the handling of dry bulk materials. Whether it is the handling of coal and iron ore or the loading and unloading of grain, animal feed, scrap metal, minerals, biomass or other bulk goods.

Nemag ensures that you can work as efficiently as possible. All our products are made in close consultation to meet our clients’ demand. That is why our grabs have such a strong reputation around the world.

The lowest cost per ton of cargo handled

Years of intensive cooperation with dry bulk handling companies has brought Nemag extensive knowledge and expertise. You can experience our acquired know-how in our practice and client-oriented advice pertaining to the handling of bulk goods.

We produce a full range of four rope grabs for medium and large lifting capacities, an assortment of Quick Release Links and Rope Pear Sockets. Without exception, these are top-quality, excellent performing products for the lowest costs per ton of cargo handled. Qualified personnel guarantees a technically excellent product made with care. This makes a Nemag grab extremely reliable. The variety of large dry bulk handling companies that use our grabs on a daily basis worldwide, attests to our quality.