Quick and straightforward coupling and uncoupling

The Nemag Quick Release Link is made up of a C-section,  locking piece and a hexagonal key. The C-section and locking piece are made of special steel. The contact surfaces of the C-section have been hardened to achieve a long life span. The sealed locking piece is well protected against damage and dirt and assures a long life span under the most severe working conditions


  • The most reliable, fast and safe way to connect lifting equipment like grabs, spreaders etc.
  • The ingenious locking piece guarantees maximum safety; unlocking during operation is virtually impossible
  • The contact surfaces of the C-section have been hardened, which considerably lengthens the life span.
  • The locking pieces are interchangeable.
  • Full traceability of materials used during the manufacturing process.
  • Full certification of all Quick Release Links before leaving the factory.
  • Upon request available with L.R.S. or A.B.S. certificate
  • Supply directly from stock / world wide availability

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