Clamshell grab

Versatile and light weight grab solution for a wide variety of bulk materials for an interesting price.

High free digging capacity

Environmentally friendly solutions

Highest closing rope life span

For a reliable and fast handling of many different bulk goods


The grabs are manufactured from the highest possible quality steels, such as Dillidur 450, Hardox 450, Dillimax 690 and Weldox 700 or equally renowned brands. The clamshell grab’s closing rope guide can be equipped with low friction cable guides, which guarantee a long life span of the closing cables. Standard equipped with low friction spherical bearings in the pivots, which combine a high load bearing figure with low friction opening and closing of the grab. At your request, we can offer centralized lubrication systems.

Characteristics and advantages

The Clamshell grab is available for lifting capacities of over 85 tons and volumes of over 60 m3. Practically every kind of bulk material can be handled provided it is not too coarse. The shells are available in open, half closed and closed versions and with every kind of possible opening direction and with diverse cable patterns. The robust design of the Clamshell grab is manufactured with high-tensile steel. It is a grab with favourable light weight, excellent filling and fast emptying characteristics.  It is also is equipped with excellent cable guides, extending life span of closing ropes.

The added value of the clamshell grab

  • High free digging productivity
  • Lightweight
  • Specifically suited for handling powdery and dusty material
  • Long life span of closing cables
  • Minimal maintenance costs per ton of handled material
  • Environmental-friendly design

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