Rope connection system

Together, the Nemag Quick Release Link and Nemag Rope Pear Socket make up a highly efficient, reliable and safe connection.

Safe, reliable and proven technology

Connection system

Together, the patented Nemag Quick Release Link and Nemag Rope Pear Socket form a highly efficient system that enables the quick coupling or uncoupling of steel wire ropes, chains and D-shackles. Grabs and any other types of lifting equipment can be connected in the quickest way thinkable. Also used in maritime applications like dredgers’ anchor lines,  dredgers’ bow couplings and lines of tug boats

Strictest quality standards

The Nemag Quick Release Link and the Nemag Rope Pear Socket are manufactured with the greatest possible precision using high-grade steel, based on the strictest quality standards. In addition to that Nemag has adopted a safety and quality program that involves periodic quality assessments and load testing. Every single Quick Release Link and Rope Pear Socket is checked before leaving the factory.

Nemag Rope Pear Socket Nemag Quick Release Link

User-friendly, quick and safe

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