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Rope pear socket
Rope pear socket
  • Minimal fracture load of 10.000 -240.000 kg
  • Safe workloads of 1.500-42.500 kg(when griping device is in operation)
  • Robust design
  • High-grade wear-resistant casted steel
  • Optimal fit and suited for sheave passage trolley or crane


The Rope Pear Socket is an end connection especially designed by Nemag for steel wire rope. Using the Nemag Rope Pear Socket a strong connection can be made, and the rope can be coupled to other ropes and chains in the best possible way; and even more so in combination with the Nemag Quick Release Link. The Nemag Rope Pear Socket is cast from high-grade austenic manganese steel and generally lasts longer than the steel wire rope itself. Austenic manganese steel combines a great thoughness and a high resistance to wear.

Advantages of the Nemag Rope Pear Socket

  • The Nemag Rope Pear Socket is designed to, in combination with the Nemag Quick Release Link, smoothly pass over cable sheaves.
  • The life span of the Nemag Rope Pear Socket generally surpasses that of the steel wire rope.
  • The Rope Pear Socket can be fitted by casting with a 2-component casting mass without the need for outside assistance, and ensures a strong connection.
  • Our range of Rope Pear Sockets is suited to any type of steel wire rope.

The Rope Pear Socket for compacted steel wire rope (the S-series)

The new, additional series of Rope Pear Sockets of the “S-type” was designed for special steel wire ropes. Examples of this are the 8-strand steel wire ropes (for example CASAR Turboplast or similar makes). In comparison with standard steel wire ropes in 6x36WS version, these special wire ropes combine a smaller diameter with a higher breaking load. The Nemag series of Rope Pear Sockets designed especially for this type of steel wire rope. The safety factor of the Rope Pear Socket is therefore in line with that of this type of steel wire rope. This means that the new Rope Pear Socket offers additional safety in comparison to the existing range of Rope Pear Sockets. The geometry of this new range of Rope Pear Sockets has also been adjusted to create an even more favourable situation with regard to wire deflection behind the Rope Pear Socket. This decreases steel wire rope fatigue and benefits the life span of the steel wire rope.

The most important advantages

  • Especially designed for compacted steel wire rope.
  • Increased safety.
  • Less steel wire rope fatigue as a result of a better deflection angle of the steel wire rope upon passing over the cable sheave.
  • Longer life span of the steel wire rope at the casting place.
  • Optimal, new design of the Rope Pear Socket for improved sheave passage.