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Together, the patented Nemag Quick Release Link and Nemag Rope Pear Socket make up a highly efficient system that enables the quick coupling or uncoupling of steel wire ropes, chains and D-shackles. The use of this system in the bulk handling industry to change grabs is already wide-spread. But also in other industries where steel wire ropes have to be connected to other steel wire ropes or chains quickly and safely, these two ‘smart’ products are in great demand.

Universally applicable

Together with the Nemag Rope Pear Socket the Nemag Quick Release Link forms a strong link between steel wire ropes and/or chains that can be uncoupled by one person within a few seconds through a very straightforward manoeuvre. Both Nemag products can be supplied for any type of crane, for any make or type of grab, and for any type of rope or chain.

Nemag & the Quick Release System

It is no surprise that Nemag invented a unique system for the quick coupling or uncoupling of ropes and chains. As a well-known designer and manufacturer of grabs, Nemag quickly found itself faced with the time-consuming nature of change over of grabs. As a result Nemag came up with the idea for the Quick Release Link; a C-section with a perfectly fitting locking piece, which can be opened or closed in no time using a special key.

User-friendly, quick and safe

The Quick Release Link is available in a range of sizes for grab working loads from 2,000 kg to 42,500 kg and breaking loads up to 260,000 kg. Apart from that Nemag has also developed a highly durable end connection for steel wire ropes: the Nemag Rope Pear Socket. These Rope Pear Sockets can be easily fitted to the steel wire rope without the need for any outside assistance. A range of different Rope Pear Sockets is available depending on the working load and the thickness of the rope. The Rope Pear Socket has been designed to pass over crane cable sheaves smoothly in combination with the Quick Release Link.

Strictest quality standards

The Nemag Quick Release Link and the Nemag Rope Pear Socket are manufactured with the greatest possible precision using high-grade steel, based on the strictest quality standards. In addition to that Nemag has adopted a safety and quality program that involves periodic quality assessments and load testing. Every single Quick Release Link and Rope Pear Socket is checked before leaving the factory.