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Nemag spends time and effort on research and development. Together with customers, research institutes and universities, we continue to develop technological improvements. We look for new materials and experiment with new types of grabs.

Our priority is to improve the efficiency during the loading and unloading of bulk goods and reducing costs per ton of cargo handled. In addition to this, we look for ways to benefit the environment and meet the increasingly strict worldwide environmental requirements.

Quality control

Kwaliteitscontrole van Quick Release LinkGuaranteeing the quality is embedded in the production process. Nemag is certified ISO 9001 since 2006 and also certified EN-ISO 3834-2. The Nemag system for quality control checks our own products and methods, but also that of our suppliers. Links and sockets are tested by independent laboratories on a regular basis. Newly built grabs, repaired grabs and all links and sockets are tested before they leave the factory.


Nemag has proved to manufacture products with a long life cycle and an extremely low break-down rate. We have at our disposal a great store of knowledge about which grab technique is best suited for the efficient handling of bulk goods. Our highly qualified technicians and engineers apply this technical knowledge and expertise to their designs to optimise our existing products and develop new ones. To this end, we use advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Method (FEM).