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When buying a Nemag product, you also buy a 100% service guarantee that doesn’t end when the warranty period expires. Whether it is a grab, a Quick Release Link or a Rope Pear Socket, Nemag products are always on the move.

A Nemag grab lasts longer than average and requires little or no maintenance. Because these grabs have to function optimally for long periods of time and under the toughest possible circumstances, Nemag offers a service and repair team. This team can adequately be of service to you in practically all situations. For Nemag, Service and Maintenance matters. We always keep in touch with our customers and offer complete and ongoing after sales support.

Nemag’s employees value direct contact with all our clients and regularly visit customers around the world. We are happy to assist in the long life cycle of your grabs and are happy to prove that our quality control does not stop after delivery. For our international clients, we have an extensive network of selected representatives that take care of the professional after-sales service. Nemag takes service and repairs very seriously.