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In 1924, a modest family-owned machine factory named Nederlandse Machinefabriek Grootveld opens in the Rotterdam harbour. The company repairs ships and grabs. Soon, the operations are expanded to building cranes and transport installations.

In the early 1950s, the production includes not only grabs but also pinch rolls, chain slings, large cranes, complete steel constructions and all kinds of equipment for use on the decks of ships, such as hoists and winches, and steering gears. Nemag becomes a leading supplier of high-quality grabs for the dry bulk handling industry.

Developing and producing the various grabs and the extensive selection of Quick Release Links and Rope Pear Sockets, requires a large and well fitted factory. In 1980, Nemag moved to Zierikzee, where it now runs a modern complex of 7000 m2, which offers room for research, development and production. The manufacturing site is conveniently located between the world harbors of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Nemag is connected to the national and international network of highways and has direct access to the sea.